Vision Board Workshop

As some of you may know I am going to do the Ride for Conquer Cancer for the 2nd year in a row, this June. I completed the ride last year (Vancouver to Seattle) and absolutely loved the experience. As a result, I was one of the first people to sign up for the 2011 race when the event was announced for 2011. As last year, I will be riding with Team Finn. Team Finn is inspirational in so many ways. We ride to honour the memory of a little boy named Finn who was taken at too young of an age. As he battled with cancer he continued to RUN, JUMP, SING, BOUNCE, and LOVE and with that message Team Finn lives on and we are over 100 riders strong. Last year we raised more than $500,000 for pediatric cancer and I really believe that this year we will surpass that goal.

Each rider must raise at least $2500 to participate in the ride and last year I found the fund-raising goal difficult. I wrote all of my friends and family and I have to say I was astonished at the amount of support that came through. I realized at the end of the fund-raising that I relied heavily on the financial support of friends and family and didn’t really take a creative role in coming up with fund-raising initiatives. This year I have changed that. Last week I hosted a bake sale on campus at Royal Roads and that was a huge success! It felt great to bake for hours on Sunday and to have friends and co workers from all over campus take part in fund-raising for Team Finn and of course enjoy the delicious goods that were also nicely wrapped for Valentine’s Day. (Thank you Jeff!!)

To continue my fund-raising efforts I hosted a Vision Board workshop on Saturday at my friend Sonia’s house. I have always wanted to do a vision board workshop and this was the perfect opportunity. Each participant was given a canvas. I brought TONS of magazines to the event, pens, paint, glue, gesso, paintbrushes, stickers, stamps, and other fun art supplies. I loved hosting this fund-raising event- it was creative, fun, introspective, and crafty. Each person’s work of art was beautiful and the visioning exercise resulted in some beautiful pieces. As I continue to fund raise for Team Finn I want to make sure that I honour Finn’s spirit by making sure that all of my fund-raising efforts connect with my own “child spirit”- to be artsy, crafty, FUN, creative, silly.

Here are some of the results:


the everything room

I would love to be one of those people who have amazing home and studio photo tours posted on their site. To have a room that when you look at it (from a photograph) you think “oh I would LOVE to have that!” Well, honestly I am not one of those people and I don’t have an awesome art room to showcase. I have an everything room. It’s a second room in our apartment that was originally going to be an office/art room but has since become the everything room. Which is totally fine. It’s way more realistic for us to have this space. So despite my initial intention of having it an office/art room it has transformed.

Here is my studio tour:

The art is barely visible in the photograph so I took some close ups of my favorite art supplies:


Acyrlic Paints from Michaels Craft Store
Water colour crayons. LOVE these.



December 1. One Word.

For the month of December I am participating in Reverb10. It is an annual event to reflect on the past year and to manifest what is next. Each day a prompt is sent to your inbox to assist you in reflection. Today I decided to do an art journal page of the prompt, because frankly I am tired of looking at a screen.


Reverb 10,



December 1 One Word.
Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?
(Author: Gwen Bell)

My word: MOVE


Word: MOVE




the great ding dong ditch and gratitude

Lately I have been fascinated by creative videos fellow bloggers have created. Many are inspiring, thoughtful, sad, heartfelt, and artsy. I love getting a 2-5 minute glimpse into someone’s world through their own eyes.

Today I came across two favorite videos, that remind me to be grateful and to LAUGH, and live out loud.

The first is the Great Ding Dong Ditch, brought to you by the creative kindnessgirl, Patience Salgado.

The second is by an incredible author and artist, Katherine Center asking you: What are you grateful for ?

and voila! some bits from my art journal

Alright so the problem with declaring on your blog that you are attempting a new art form that you have never tried before…. is that everyone expects to see your work.

I have to admit I am nervous about posting the art work that I have been working on. I really like what I have been creating and I really like the feeling I have as I create each piece. I feel calm, creative, and happy. I like the carefree feeling I have as I make something in my art journal. I don’t have anyone to judge the work and I am not trying to create something for display. It’s all for me.

Here are a couple of things I have created in the last couple of days.