Finding Inspiration

I’ve been following a lot of people on blogs, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and via their podcasts for quite some time. I have been inspired by so many of their stories that this morning I want to share some of those inspiring people I follow.

So here it goes…

Travelcorx. As many of you know, Corinne Whiting aka Travelcorx is one of my best friends. We have known each other since Kindergarten. We refer to each other as life long friends, soul sistas, and consider ourselves to be members of the sensitive souls tribe. What I admire about Corinne and her writing is that it is so honest and real. About 4 years ago she decided to quit her full time job in Washington, DC and move out to Seattle, WA to become a freelance writer. She took a chance and she would be the first to admit that it was hard. Many doubted her decision. What about her 401K? Savings? Retirement? Healthcare? And she doubted it as well, BUT what I LOVE LOVE LOVE is that she followed her heart and her dream. Her day to day inspires me greatly. She has worked so hard to become a freelance writer and I receive emails, daily, that say how thankful and busy she is with projects. If you are looking for a blog to read that provides an honest insight into the day to day of an extraordinary freelance writer, check her out at Weave Your Story.

Early Bird Fitness. Another friend (yes I am promoting friends first), who has really inspired me lately is Kyla. She is an avid runner and is taking on her first Marathon. I have been following her Marathon journey on her blog, Early Bird Fitness and what inspires me greatly is that she is taking the Marathon training on!!! Insane right? I have trained for two marathons and have had to have the support of my group in order to make it through some of the long training runs. Kyla is making it happen solo. There wasn’t a training group scheduled for her Marathon event so she decided to lead the Frontrunners Half Marathon group and then tack on extra mileage after each run. Amazing. I am so proud of what she has accomplished in her running and I have no doubt she is going to kick ass in Ottawa in May. If you are a runner, or someone who is inspired by fitness stories you should check her out at Early Bird Fitness.

Rich Roll and Julie Piatt. I just came across the Rich Roll podcast via listening to the Good Life Project interview with his wife Julie Piatt. Their new book The Plant Power Way is coming out next week and I pre-ordered a copy. Rich Roll is an ultra athlete and he and his wife have been plant based eaters for years. Their recipes sound amazing and I am really looking forward to adding some new recipes to our daily meals. We went back to eating meat in January and since then I just haven’t felt awesome. I miss the plant based diet and I think what resulted in my change back to meat was my lack of interest in cooking. I needed a fresh start with a new set of recipes and I am hopeful that this new cookbook will set me on track. If you are interested in reading about Rich and Julie’s lifestyle  you can check them out at: Rich Roll’s website or listen to his podcast.

I have many more inspiring podcasts and blogs to share, but for now you can tuck into these and let me know your thoughts. If you have ones you would like to share, let me know! I’m always on the hunt for new inspirations.

Side note:  if you are running the TC 10K on the weekend in Victoria, BC I will be running as well! Looking forward to getting back into events after the accident.


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