the accident

On Thursday February 26, almost two and a half weeks ago I was in a bike accident. Fortunately I didn’t collide with a car. I managed to collide with a small rock or a piece of debris scattered in the bike line. It was quick but I knew exactly what was happening. My front tire slipped on the debris, I swerved to the right (out of traffic) into a curb, hit the sidewalk and flipped over the handlebars. It all happened in a matter of seconds. A matter of seconds that would result in weeks of recovery.

I knew immediately that I was hurt. My head throbbed, I was nauseous and my right arm was in excruciating pain. I somehow managed to grab my phone from my pocket and called Jeff. I later learned, from Jeff, that the phone conversation went something like this. “I’ve been in a bike accident. I have to check my pulse and call the ambulance”. Huh? Oh right, the results of my first aid course. Check for pulse, call ambulance.

At the same time that I was speaking to Jeff, or I should say describing my first aid procedures, two men stopped on the side of the road. I handed the phone to them and fortunately they took over. Yah, for good Samaritans.

Within minutes an ambulance arrived and so did Jeff.

The result? A broken collarbone and a mild concussion. My helmet split in three places. My clothes were cut off at the hospital. My collarbone had a complete break. The X ray showed a split (hole) the width of my index finger. What was once one bone structure was now two. The orthopedic surgeon visited me in emergency and suggested surgery. It would be the fastest way for recovery. I was sent home for two nights with Oxycontin and Tylenol 3.

Two days later I arrived back at the hospital for surgery. Five hours post surgery I had my new bionic shoulder. 12 screws and a plate almost the length of my collarbone now inhabit the right side of my collarbone and shoulder.

The accident, rest, and recovery has filled me with immense gratitude.

Grateful for:

  • My helmet. Always wear a helmet people. It saved me.
  • Jeff and Ryder. Life savers in so many ways.
  • Friends who came to our rescue. Calling, texting, bringing meals, sending gifts and care packages, taking Ryder for play dates, stopping by for visits, buying groceries. (Tracy, Emilie, Emily, Mom and Dad, Shrawan, Corinne, Rhiannon, Farley, Vivian, Kyla, Meghan, Brownwen, Jane, Leahanne, Robyn, Clint, Michelle, Denise, Brad, Mary, Lauri, Monique/Adrian/Dennis, Sue, Tara, BCcampus, Westshore Triathlon)
  • Health. Being healthy and fit pre accident has resulted in a speedy recovery. Within two and a half weeks I am back to almost full mobility, have been going for walks, riding the recumbent bike, and regaining energy.
  • Work. The people, the environment, the support.

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “the accident

  1. So very sorry to hear that you crashed….OUCH! And YES thank goodness for the helmet. I hate seeing anyone riding a bike without one, and yell out “HELMET!” every time I see someone without.
    Speedy recovery, Amanda. Hugs.


  2. Thanks for sharing the details with a bit of hindsight and humor so we all don’t worry. Please consider a recuperation break in Port Townsend. I can meet you all at the ferry. We’d hoped to get over there but it just hasn’t happened.


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