Miracle Morning Day 2

Day 2 and I managed to wake up naturally, which to be honest was a fluke. I know my body hasn’t already gotten into the habit of rising at 5:00 am but it was still nice to be able to start the morning with ease. Ryder did wake up again through my yoga practice, but Jeff was able to take over until I finished the session. If the last two days are a representation of how the rest of the 30 days will go it seems that I will be able to get in the SAVE part of SAVERS, but have to fit in the RS part while Ryder is having breakfast.

All day yesterday I did have a different energy. I was more alert and awake throughout the day. I will admit that the evening was a bit harder. At swim practice I did have a vision of falling asleep while floating on my back during backstroke. The water just felt calm and my body was at ease.

So today’s scribing is a bit shorter- Ryder’s letting me know his shirt is wet and his hands have oatmeal on them. Kids these days.. what’s wrong with a wet shirt and oatmeal on your hands :)


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