Advice to a 24 year old

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My cousin, Kaylee, is turning 24 today. She’s at that in between stage. Post University, working in her hometown, wondering what is next. It’s an exciting time in her life because there are so many options available and open to her, but also one that is daunting.


Sandy (my aunt) and I went out to lunch with her on Saturday and Kaylee asked us the million dollar question. “If you were 24 what would you do?” It took both of us a minute to think about this. What would WE do differently? Where would we have gone? Explored?

Our answer turned out to be the same.


Pack your bags girl and explore the world. But don’t do an around the world excursion. Find a place, a different place, to live for 6 months or one year. Immerse yourself in the culture, food, life, and vibrancy of a different location. Seek out opportunities. Be in a state of wonder and curiosity.

My advice to anyone turning 24? Don’t think that you have to follow a life timeline. I was certain that at 24 I should be married by 25 and have all of my children by the time I turned 30. I am not sure where this idea of a timeline came from, but for some reason I was sure that I needed to follow it. What happened? I was engaged at 24, married at 25, and separated at 26.

I would tell my 24 year old self to get out into the world, seek different opportunities, and for goodness sake STOP caring and defining yourself by what other people think of you or what you think you SHOULD be doing in life.

DO what YOU want to do.

Jess Lively, one of the bloggers and podcasters I follow, says that she always listens to what her gut is telling her and if she listens to her gut she knows she made the right decision for her at the time. That is what I would tell my 24 year old self.

Listen to your gut. Follow what you want to do and remove the “should’s” from your vocabulary.


3 thoughts on “Advice to a 24 year old

  1. Love this! I totally agree. I was under some preconceived notion of a “timeline” as well when I was 24, and I ended up traveling and then selling rain jackets. Hmm…. I should have just kept traveling! The world is your oyster, Kayl. xo


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