the present moment

I often feel like I am chasing the present moment. Trying to be in the present moment, working at BE-ing, finding the time to just sit and be present. As a parent, this is hard. I am constantly thinking about 20 steps ahead or I should say a day ahead. I make meal plans in my head, organize my to do list, prepare food ahead of time, fold laundry in preparation for the next load… it constantly feels like I am living in the future. And at times I feel as though I am living in the past. Questioning my actions, playing back conversations, reminiscing, wondering if things should have been done differently, soaking in times that once were.

I can’t blame all of this on parenthood. I have always been one to think ahead or question the past. I have always found it hard to settle into the present moment, and trust me I work hard at trying. It feels like I WILL the urge to be in the present moment. I can picture myself sitting at a table, closing- no squishing my eyes tightly shut- and thinking to myself “okay, this is now the present moment- be still”. Of course, I have that fleeting second of stillness and then the to do list pops into my mind, the epic question “what’s for dinner?”, or I daydream about another vacation.

My search for being in the present moment was clarified by some wise words from my Mom. I have been observing her actions the past couple of days and I remarked on how she always seems to be so present in whatever moment she is in. I asked her how she does it.
She shrugged her shoulders, almost as if to say “Oh, Amanda, I don’t know- I just do it”.

She replied, “I just enjoy whatever I am doing at that moment. I focus my energy on what it is I am doing at that very moment and I enjoy it. If I go for a walk, I focus on the walk and enjoying my time outside. If I am cleaning or washing dishes, I focus and enjoy the process of cleaning.”

It seemed so clear after our conversation. Being in the present moment is to be focused and enjoy what is.

I texted my friend that evening “Got some sage advice from Cindy on being present”. Hope you find this advice as wise as I did.


5 thoughts on “the present moment

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  2. Oh my gosh, Amanda – this blog post is spot on. Living in the present may be my biggest struggle. I just cannot seem to do it, even when I am telling myself “Enjoy THIS moment! Stop worrying about the future! Stop fretting about the past. Just be!” I mean what kind of person am I that I have to tell myself to enjoy the present and just live?! I strive to be more like my dogs – they live in the moment 100%. Great advice from your mom – I will try to follow her example!


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