Arizona re-cap

The transition from saying good-bye to my former job and starting my new job was made all the easier with a last-minute trip to Phoenix. I knew that if I accepted this position I wanted to have a few days in between the transition to spend time in the sun and with my family. It’s been a wet winter and I know it has been no where near as nasty as anything experienced on the East Coast, but all the same, we were aching for a sunny getaway.


Having never been to Arizona before I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I knew it would be HOT and there would be a desert landscape. Coming from Victoria, the heat and dryness of the terrain was extremely welcomed. I loved the clear blue skies, the cacti lining the streets, the desert hill landscape, and of course the pool.


We spent most of our time at the resort, basking in the sun and splashing in the baby pool. Ryder loved every minute of it and we think he totaled up to 5 hours a day in the water. He met little buddies, swam tons, relished in the downtime of the lazy river, and had some epic naps. It was the BEST way to transition into a new job. To step away from the 9-5, to reconnect as a family, and to enjoy the pleasure of being outdoors from sunrise to sunset.




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