reminder: there WERE smiles this weekend!

We are in a teething phase right now which means the smiles come and go, but the tears and tantrums are free flowing. I pulled out my D-SLR this weekend to capture some fun and happy moments- to remind myself that even when it seems like the weekend is full of a little boy aching, he certainly had a lot of cherished grins.

His ride of choice. The “Car”.
my blue eyed boys


And the final photo- an image of SPRING!



4 thoughts on “reminder: there WERE smiles this weekend!

  1. Nice pics! Those photos make it hard to believe he’s ever unhappy. Love seeing the sign of spring. We’re expecting another snow storm on CCs birthday. Woo hoo!!


  2. Sometimes it does take photographic proof to remember what really happened. I hope those teeth do their thing and leave you alone soon. Beautiful spring flowers! I’ve been feeling spring in my bones this week and it’s so. very. good.


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