I needed that hiatus. That time to step back from the blogging -writing world and be inspired by what others have been writing and sharing in their lives. I also needed that time to soak in the awesomeness of running a marathon and then promptly work on healing a sick family. Winter flu, you got us good.


End of November until the end of January. Not fun. But, our “New Year” was the start of February and with that start came a renewal.

We (as a family) are healthy again.


We (as a couple) are back to sleeping as two, instead of three monkeys in a bed.

My renewed year has also brought with it some changes. I will be starting a new job on April 2 with BC Campus as a Client Services Manager of Open Educational Resources. I am really looking forward to the change and the renewal that comes with a new position.

I heard the term “work- life integration” used a few weeks ago. It was in response to someone discussing “work-life balance” and how we really need to step away from the need to constantly separate the two and instead consider how best we integrate the two. I bring this up as I see this forming the way in which Got Curls will continue- a platform for my work-life integration. For example, I will post on the following topics:

  • Family (life)
  • Motherhood and general parenthood (life)
  • Open textbook integration (work)
  • Open educational resources (work)
  • Creative work (photography, art projects, DIY)- (life)
  • Creative work involved in work (work) *see already the INTEGRATION!
  • Inspirational stories (life and work)

Hopefully you will stick around with me, to read and follow along with my year (+) of renewal!


3 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. Amanda, I am so happy u are finding all of these wonderful ideas at your age. What a wonderful bonus for you and your family. Sooo happy you are all well and looking forward to spring and the process of renewal. Even your old other mother here is doing the same practice. It is never too late! Much love to you all and that’s Ryder is a keeper! Mimi


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