What kids really care about…

Here’s the thing with kids. They live in the moment, at least they seem to at 14 months.


Kids don’t care how your day was. They don’t care if you had a good day, a bad day; if you had a presentation in front of your boss, your boss’s boss, your boss’s boss’s boss. They don’t care if you kicked ass at work that day or if you still have a million emails to attend to.

What they care about is YOU. They want YOU to be there for them. They want you to be silly, to play, to roll on the floor with them, and sing crazy songs that rhyme with poop or grapes.

Yesterday, as I walked in the front door, my work cape came off and my mom cape appeared. The mom cape transitioned me from the academic, the bureaucrat, the diplomat… into the dancing-singing-rolling on the floor- truck playing-food prepping-wiping the floor-splashing in the bath tub-bed time reading person who lives in the present when she is around her 14 month old son.


I am not sure at what age they start to move away from being present and start fretting about the future and re-thinking the past, but for now I fully appreciate the lesson I receive on a daily basis from a 14 month old with wisdom as deep as Deepak. Be present, be aware, and like the cliche’ states “Dance like nobody is watching”.


6 thoughts on “What kids really care about…

  1. Absolutely love your sentiments and Ryder’s infinite wisdom! Fabulous post about putting life in perspective, changing hats, and being the best person you can be in the moment. :) xo


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