the FINAL day of daily blogging!!

Dudes, I DID IT! I managed to blog daily for an entire month, and A LONG month at that. 31 days.

Some of you may have unfriended me on Facebook or perhaps hidden my status updates as a result of my daily posts (ha!), but for those who stuck it out with me… THANK YOU!

I had a great time writing daily. At first it felt like a chore. I was concerned about content and readership. As the days progressed I realized that my motivation for blogging daily was not about content or readership it was about fueling my desire for creativity.

Did it, you ask?


I took more photos and spent more time reflecting on the day’s happenings. I learned a lot about others through comments and I felt my community grow.

Would I do it again?

Sure. But not for awhile. I would like to commit to at least three posts a week. The next time I do a daily blog series I should review what else I have going on in the month to lessen the load a bit. For example, training for a marathon, going on vacays, and dropping an iPhone in a baby pool don’t make for an ease-free blogging month.

I’m feeling my creativity shine and I hope it continues.

If there are any “ah-ha” moments from blogging for a month, I would say:

  • Enjoy the moments (as best you can),
  • Write down memories. (I so look forward to the times when I can look back on posts previously written)
  • Try not to take life for granted. There’s a lesson in everything.


P.S. I’m writing this on day 30 and posting on day 31 as I am (hopefully) currently enjoying a sun kissed camping weekend, electronic-free.


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