Be enthusiastic

One of the most hurtful things someone once said to me was, “Amanda not everything is SOOOO WONDERFUL”. Insinuating that I was too enthusiastic about everything and anything.

It cut directly to my core.

I believe in viewing life with a positive lens, and yes I might overuse the word “great” from time to time, but I do get enthusiastic about others’ successes and ideas.

While trolling Pinterest today I came across this fabulous quote from Roald Dahl. Really wish I had this piece of advice the day I was told that not everything was wonderful.

Go out into the world and BE ENTHUSIASTIC. Someone has to be someone else’s cheerleader out there.



4 thoughts on “Be enthusiastic

  1. Abso-freakin’-loutely! Keep up your oozing enthusiasm because it is one of your many best qualities. Thanks for the quote from my childhood hero, Roald Dahl.


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