Cobble Hill Fair

Today I decided to take Ryder up island to the Cowichan Valley to check out the Cobble Hill Fair. Jeff was going to go on a 3 hour bike ride and I wanted to do something special and fun with Ryder during our 1-1 time. For those who like knowing the geography, Cobble Hill is 42 km North of Langford (where I live).

I’ll be honest, when I first heard of the Cobble Hill Fair, I imagined a rather dinky affair. Maybe a couple of stands, some vegetables on display, church ladies selling baked goods. My judgement couldn’t have been more wrong. Pulling off the highway the cars were lined along the roadside. Finding a parking space was tricky, especially one that didn’t have me parking the car at a 45 degree angle. Once I found parking, the next stage was waiting in a long line to get into the fair. Seriously? Where had all of these people come from? I assumed I would be one of a hundred, casually walking from stall-to-stall, privileging the Cobble Hill residents with my city presence.

Once Ryder and I made our way into the crowded fair I was enthralled with the array of stalls- from Greek Food to Best Beekeeping practices, this day was going to be an education!

We had the best time. The highlight was running into friends and Cobble Hill residents, BJ and Pam. Together we all went into the 4H area where the kids were showing off livestock, poultry, and their own crafty pieces of work. There was something so endearing about seeing kids (ages 7-15) showcasing their animals and talking to adults about their experience. I spoke to a young boy who was prepping his black and white Angus Cow for show. Turned out the cow was named “Frank the Tank”. The young boy informed me, “You know, like the guy from Old School“.

Ryder was in awe of the young calves, sheep, miniature horses, and piglets. He was cautious but interested.

I loved the vibe at the Cobble Hill Fair. It reminded me that we all crave a sense of community and traditional roots. It was a crowded affair because so many people enjoyed getting back to the simpler values, the values that teach morale, ethics, hard work, care giving, and a sense of community responsibility. While we watched four kids show their sheep to a judge, I turned to BJ and Pam and said “You know what I love about this? These kids could easily be at home playing video games or going to the mall and instead they have chosen to be here today.”

It was a great event and such a wonderful way to spend the day feeling like a part of a large community in a small town. Thanks Cobble Hill!






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