Highlights from Seattle

What an amazing weekend in Seattle! I am beyond exhausted but a good kind of exhausted. The kind that means I laughed a ton, stayed up past my bedtime, and enjoyed some bevvies!

Will post pictures in a few days, but here are the highlights of the weekend:

– Marriott Residence Inn Lake Union… Loved the hotel, the suite, and the amazing breakfast! Ryder was a huge fan of the elevators and running up and down the halls. A great place to stay.

– Lunch day with Corinne, Michelle, and Patso. Friends I have know for 30 years and I am still loving their company and laughter :)

– Catching up with so many old friends from elementary school, shout out to all the Canterbury Woods Cougars out there!!

– Hotboxing it with Michelle, my parents, and the Goldens. (Basically entering a sealed elevator during Seattle’s Hempfest will create a hotbox in no time).

– Watching Matt Whiting’s face as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle.

– Shoe shopping with soul sisters, Cornelia and Cindy.

– Ryder’s sheer delight in quality CiCi and Pops time.

– Picking Jeff up at the Clipper and seeing Ryder’s face as he recognized his dad.

– Being dancing fools with all of the wedding guests..great tunes and a great great band.

– Finding Theo’s chocolate bars at the drugstore.

– Being a part of a lifelong friend’s special day…major highlight.

Of course there were so many more,and some that will remain in Seattle :)…but it is always such a lovely feeling meeting up with such old and true friends and knowing that your connection is unchanged.


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