App attack

Many of you have asked me how my phone is doing. I appreciate the concern. It’s been a tough go and unfortunately the phone is still in ICU. Jeff is going to take it to a guy, tomorrow, who will hopefully be able to fix it, revive it, and bring it back to its healthy self. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime my life, phone-less, has become more and more iPad-centric. I have been using my iPad for everything from note taking, to emails, photography, and yes as a phone. Thanks to speakerphone I don’t have to look like Zack Morrison from Saved by the Bell with a giant faux phone held up to my ear.


In preparation for reuniting with my phone or (worse) having to buy a new phone, I have been taking stock of my favourite apps to make sure I don’t lose them in the event of a shuffle or a restore.

I thought I would share with you some of my must-have apps, available on either iPhone or iPad.

Instagram : I love this photography app! It allows me to take some great pictures and to share shots with friends… I also have a guilty pleasure in following some random celebrities.

WordPress : phew, thank goodness for the wordpress app that allows me to write on my blog from my iPad.

Dropbox: love Dropbox! The ability to file share from the cloud on multiple devices….genius.

Facebook…yup gotta have that Facebook app.

Skype, Fongo,google hangout: all 3 apps have been life saving in talking, texting, and seeing family and friends while my phone has been out of order.

bloglovin: since google stopped their rss reader I have been using bloglovin as my way to read all of the blogs I follow. I really love the design and ease of use.

Those are my go-to apps, the ones that I use for personal use in my day-to-day. I will write a post at a later date on my favourite apps for educational purposes, but for now… Head on over the App Store and start downloading!

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