Gaining clarity comes with a price

I’ve still been struggling with a lack of focus. My mind jumps from one thought to the next, my to do list seems never ending, and my concentration is….well…non existent.

To combat my focus issues I went to yoga tonight. As my breathing began to slow into long extended breaths, my mind quieted for the first time in days. I felt at ease while stretching and reaching for the sky with outstretched arms. The instructor suggested we practice ahimsa, self loving kindness…something I definitely needed reminding of. My mantra for the class was a constant reminder, the words continually going through my mind, ahimsa , ahimsa, ahimsa.

…and then like a lightning bolt it hit me…slowing down resulted in my mind lifting from the clouds, I began to focus and gain a clarity….and…it came to me…

fu$&, fu@&, fu$?!

I forgot to call my Nana on her birthday, today.

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