How we manage Ironman/Marathon training, work, and family…

A friend asked me today how Jeff and I manage to accommodate Jeff’s Ironman training and my Marathon training schedules while balancing both work and family. I’ll be honest, it isn’t always easy. There are sacrifices we both have to make in a given week because ultimately Ryder comes first. He is our number one priority. But, in order for both Jeff and I to be 100% available to Ryder as positive influences, we also need our solo-time and for both of us that means our solo training time.

We have figured out a system that works well for us. I’m not suggesting this is the only way of going about managing Ironman and Marathon training while working full time and making time for family. It’s what works well for Jeff, Ryder, and I.

So here it goes:

Monday-Friday mornings Jeff wakes up at 5:00 am. He starts a workout, either a bike or a swim by 5:30 am. He is usually finished that workout by 7:00 am and then returns home to eat breakfast, get ready for work, and head out the door by 7:35 am to drop Ryder at daycare (Wed-Fri). Mondays and Tuesdays Jeff does not work so we have the luxury of slowing it down a bit on those days. Jeff still does his workout, but there isn’t the rush to be out the door by 7:35 am.

While he works out in the morning (Mon-Fri), I get Ryder and I ready for the day. Lunches made, clothes on (phew), breakfast eaten…. and we manage to sneak in some Today Show watching.

Mon-Fri afternoons Jeff either bikes or runs from 4:30-5:45 pm.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (between 6 and 630 pm) I meet up with my running club and run anywhere from 6-10 km those evenings.

Thursday evening I go to Yoga at 7:00 pm.

Friday, during the lunch hour, I run 10 km and given that I only have a one hour lunch break this usually means that I use the good ole’ baby wipe method of cleaning up and throw on some deodorant. (As you can imagine I TRY not to schedule too many meetings Fri afternoons). Jeff also uses his Friday lunch hour to pump out a run (45-50 minutes) and he opts for the shower post workout.

Saturday mornings are allotted for Jeff’s long training bike rides (generally 3-4 hour rides). He tends to be out the door by 7:00 am so he can have the afternoon and evening with Ryder and I.

Sunday mornings are allotted for my long runs. These runs can range anywhere from 16 km to 38 km… so I am gone most of the morning (out the door by 7:15 am).

Just writing it all down makes it sound QUITE regimented and insane really… but it is the way we manage… for now :)



One thought on “How we manage Ironman/Marathon training, work, and family…

  1. Great to read this, I’m playing with the idea of doing an ironman in 2015 and am wondering if it is going to be possible with (currently 3 month old) and work (will be going back June July next year). I have a 70.3 booked for May 2014 so we’ll see how the training goes with that first I guess. My husband also does triathlon… So need to ensure a balance of training between us. Happy days.

    Thanks for the post.


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