Coolidge Cottage Photo Tour

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I would share photos of the interior of the cottage. As I mentioned, my parents have had the cottage since 1990. Over the years some renovations have been made to expand the growing family and to make the home a bit more comfortable for the 4 months my parents spend on the Island over the summer.

I didn’t take photos of the master or the guest bedrooms  as both were in use. Hopefully I can get Mom or Dad to take shots of those rooms to include at a later date.

So here we go, the Coolidge Cottage Photo Tour:

The Coolidge Cottage (exterior) August 2013


The entrance and beautiful barn style doors that open into a large hallway closet.
Kitchen Table
Kitchen. Cabinets from 1990 (awesomely baby proof), updated shelving (not so baby proof)
Living room with gas stove… and the perfect green napping couch.
The amazing green couch.
Looking up at the loft
Looking down from the loft
Loft bedroom
Second living room (other side of the cottage)




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