A lack of focus

Since returning from holiday I haven’t been able to regain focus. I’m attributing it to lack of sleep and jet lag, and it is nagging at me. My lack of focus results in checking email frequently, messaging my sister in Nepal and constantly checking the world clock on my IPad wondering “is she awake yet?”  Mentally I don’t feel at peace, I feel frantic and as I said out of focus.

I’m also attributing it to the reality of not having my constant companion at my side. My sidekick is time zones apart. We do FaceTime or Skype or Google Hangout everyday, but I definitely feel the void of her presence in Victoria. It’s the quick text I miss- the text that simply asks what you up to?, which then leads to an hour of back and forth.

My lack of focus slapped me in the face when I mistakenly dropped my iPhone in Ryder’s baby pool. Currently it is sitting in rice, air tight in a ziplock bag for 36 hours. I am praying that it will be revived and that my lack of focus hasn’t resulted in an expensive mistake.

To try to combat my focus related anxiety I am going to concentrate on mini goals this week. Not signing myself up for too much, paying attention to the distractions, and maintaining a presence of one-thing-at-a-time. Even as I type this I feel myself wanting to open another Firefox tab, to do a quick Google search of something unrelated.

In the meantime I will sign off for Day 7 and will let you know on Day 8 the status of the drenched iPhone. Fingers crossed friends, fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “A lack of focus

  1. I just checked the time zones, and we are both currently awake. :) Maybe some yoga to calm the mind? Or if you’re like me, a quiet room with shavasana really just makes my mind race. Don’t beat yourself up about the iPhone- it’s an easy fix, just money. Hope the rice works! Missing you but loving our communication!


  2. I’m EXACTLY the same way. It takes discipline to be focused. And just like getting back into exercise takes discipline, so does being focused. Resist the urge to open new tabs, check your social media streams and email. Just do one thing. Not unlike running, you just need to do it. One task at a time. We’re in the same boat :) xo


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