Good-bye Vacation world and hello real world

Day 5 and it is 6:43 pm Pacific Time and 10:43 pm Atlantic Time. I am zonked. We arrived in Victoria 1:30 pm, greeted without one bag and an explosive diaper.

I am not ready to NOT be on vacation. I want to be at the cottage; sitting on the deck, playing with Ryder in the baby pool, watching him explore the red sand beach, drinking a beer with lunch, having visitors drop in at all times of the day unannounced but completely welcome. I’m not ready to head back into the “real world” just yet.

“Vacation world” felt just fine thank you very much. I’m not ready to head back into the day-to-day of grocery shopping, childcare drop off, lunch packing, email checking, the one hour lunch break (without a beer)…but I know that after two days I will embrace the routine I have at home. The routine that, although feels mundane at times, it feels like home to me.

For those of you returning from holiday this week, I’ll be thinking of you and hopefully we can persevere this week with the embedded memories of our holidays.

Have a great week, more tomorrow! 



One thought on “Good-bye Vacation world and hello real world

  1. I’m also on day 1 back from vacation. I was determined to come back and make more time for fitness in my busy schedule. So I was out the door at 6:30 and enjoyed a stunning seawall run on a BEAUTIFUL Vancouver summer morning. Can’t lie, I’m actually happy to be home :) Glad to have you guys back in BC too! xo


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