The start of daily blogging for one month

Today is the first of August and as promised I will be blogging everyday for the month of August. As a reminder, I have decided to do this in the hope of sparking a more creative flame. I say more creative, because I do feel somewhat creative in my 9-5 job, but outside of work I don’t always feel inspired to be creative. When I have a moment of rest I choose to flip through the channels on the television or surf the Internet. I hope that by blogging everyday for one month I can enjoy the quiet moments by being creative, taking more photographs, and writing down daily observations.

Currently Jeff, Ryder, and I are enjoying a holiday on PEI (Prince Edward Island).
For those of you who are frequent readers you know that this is an annual pilgrimage for all of us. A bit of background- my mom is from PEI and all of our extended family lives here. Mom and Dad have had a cottage on the island since 1990. It’s been a constant for us, a place that feels more like home than any other place we have lived. I will be posting a photo tour of the cottage later in the week.

In other news, my sister Emily has moved on to Kathmandu, Nepal. She is teaching at the international school and will be there for two years. The highlight, so far, had been our constant communication with her via FaceTime and iMessage. Seriously, the Internet is amazing!! We have been able to FaceTime from Hong Kong and Nepal, and she has only been on the road four days. If you are interested in reading about her adventures you can check in on her via her blog : Voyidges .

And with that I sign off with a cold beer on a warm sunny day here on PEI. Cheers to you and here’s to 30 more days of blogging!!




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