a bittersweet farewell

It was a weekend of mixed emotions. Elation that my friends visited from Vancouver and I managed to stay up past 9:00 pm. Anxiousness trying to make it to a variety of events over the weekend, while trying to maintain composure. And sadness at the realization that I am actually going to have to say goodbye to my sister, Emily. For those who don’t know, Emily is moving to Kathmandu, Nepal to teach at the International School for two years.

Yes, I am aware that she is able to come home over the summer for extended visits and that I can email, text, gchat, video chat… all that good stuff, but I am still going to miss her greatly. Typing this gets me teary eyed, so rather than go into the ugly cry late in the afternoon I will share photos with you of our wonderful farewell party.

The farewell party was such a beautiful success. All of the guests wore white and Emily wore a stunning turquoise dress. We had a lovely table setting in the most serene and truly “Victoria-like” setting overlooking the water. In one word, it was MAGICAL.





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