My social running group

A couple of weekends ago I invited my sister to join my running group for our weekly long Sunday run. Prior to running I mentioned to her, numerous times- perhaps every 2 minutes, that my running group sticks to a sl-ooooo-w pace on Sunday runs.

Within the first fifteen minutes of running I think Emily got the picture. “I can see why you like this group so much. It’s more like you are socializing than running”.

Ummm, yah.

Isn’t that what a running group is all about? (HA)

At the end of our 16 km run, Emily said to me “That was such an awesome run and such a great group of people”. Exactly.

For me, the social aspect to a workout is key. I thrive off the community. I am a relationship builder. I love the community building that happens as we all get to know each other and we learn about our families, our weekend activities, our day jobs, and most importantly our choice of fuel on long runs.

They are the reason I get out of bed to run long distances at 7:30 on Sunday mornings. They are the reason I decided to sign up for a marathon, when I initially only wanted to run the half marathon. They are the reason I have found a new love for running and I feel like I have my groove back.

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