Jumpstarting the blogging machine- call for IDEAS!

I’ve decided to jump start my return to blogging by challenging myself to blogging once a day in the month of August. The past few weeks I have noticed my nagging desire to be more creative, to write, take photographs, build, create, and just plain DO something. I often write about my need for a creative outlet. In fact I write about it so much that there is no point in linking to the numerous posts because, well frankly, I think I write about it ALL.OF.THE.TIME. So in the spirit of Nike, I am “just doing it” and will commit to blogging once a day in the month of August.

I put a call out on Facebook asking friends what they would like to read and asked for suggestions on topics I should write about. Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • How to survive a long haul flight- both solo and with children
  • The correlation between raising children and Ironman training.
  • Immigration (Geeze Louise MM, how the HECK will I write about that?!)- going to brainstorm on this one.
  • A walking tour of my favorite stomping ground
  • A day-in-the-life
  • Seattle from a Canadian perspective
  • Supplementing with formula for babies
  • How to survive your relationship when budgeting
  • Hometown events

If there are other topics or suggestions you have in mind, leave a comment below!


One thought on “Jumpstarting the blogging machine- call for IDEAS!

  1. What makes you laugh, what makes you go “AHA!”, a book review of a summertime read (not a board book!), how you balance family and friends, your comfort in routine, pics of
    Ryder expressions and what you and Jeff think they really mean, what you think about when you are running, your fun and social run group, how a plant based diet works for you and your family, comparing west coast vs east coast Island life, how fabulous your sister is, and how much you miss your sister :)


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