When the cupcakes fail….

It’s the Canada day long weekend in approximately 48 hours and we are headed camping. (As are thousands of other outdoorsy-Canadians yearning to celebrate the day of their country’s birth in the wilderness). But, for our household it isn’t just the celebration of our lovely country that is having us pack up and head out into the yonder, it is also Ryder’s first birthday. We are super excited to take him camping for his first birthday and we hope this will be the start of a yearly birthday tradition.

In the mix of packing for camping, buying groceries, making sure we have everything necessary to be as comfortable as possible, but not too much stuff to make it look like we are moving to China Beach campground for the year… I also have to make cupcakes for Ryder’s daycare friends.

Well… I don’t “have” to… I want to.

I want to help him celebrate his birthday with his little buddies (even though he won’t have a clue what the cupcakes are for). Really, it’s for me and honestly it’s probably some weird attempt to make sure he gets a class party for his special day- whereas the date of my birthday seemed to always fall on the same day as the last day of school… which then meant my in-school birthday celebrations were frequently trumped by the year end pool party.

As it turns out, packing for camping, working full time, ticking items off lists, and then attempting to bake cupcakes all lead to a rookie mom baking mistake.

d16f0481ea1daa2d5505c9340f876f93I forgot the frickin’ cupcake liners.

Getting cupcakes out of a deep silicone cupcake tray is not easy. It is a messy disaster. They aren’t even icing worthy at this point. They are kind of half hanging, more like GRIPPING, on the cooling rack. They are like little rock climbers, maintaining their chalky grip on the ledge as tightly as they can, even though they know they are going to have let go and flop.

So, I am going to do what every rookie mom does to repair this baking disaster…

No, I am NOT going to buy cupcakes…


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