Homemade Taco Salads- complete with Tortilla Shells

Last week I had a major craving for taco salad. I had all of the ingredients set aside for a completely different meal for supper but then decided to scrap that original idea for a taco salad. I also really wanted to make my own taco shells so I headed over to Pinterest for some inspiration.

Unfortunately I didn’t actually bookmark a link to the exact taco shell “recipe” so you will have to excuse my plagiarism as I show you how I made my own taco shells. (It was pretty simple).

1. Preheat oven to 350 F.Image

2. Get out a baking sheet and an oven proof bowl. (I used soup bowls and turned them upside down.) Using a paper towel, dab some EVOO onto the power towel and coat the oven proof bowl.



3. Take out a tortilla wrap. (I chose to use a lImagearge whole wheat tortilla wrap.) Drape the tortilla over the oven safe bowl.

4. Once the oven has pre-heated, place the baking sheet with the oven safe bowls and tortilla wraps in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until the tortillas harden.




5. Voila! Tortilla shells for your own taco salad!



For the filling I chose to layer the taco salad with the following ingredients:

– Spinach leaves
– Tomatoes
– Cucumber
– Re fried beans
– Ranch dressing
– Cheese
– Salsa

One thought on “Homemade Taco Salads- complete with Tortilla Shells

  1. Although I haven’t actually tried it, I read you could put corn tortillas over two of the rack runners, same time, same temp. as you had. Of course this makes hard tortilla shells not tortilla bowls but it was the only way we ever ate tacos as kids, in hard shells which is not in vogue now.


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