Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday friends! The sun is still shining here in Victoria and I am loving it. I have two weeks left of maternity leave and it feels like I am on a treadmill on high speed… the remainder of my maternity leave dangling in front of me and I try to keep up to grab a hold of it for a little while longer.

It’s been a beautiful week and I feel so grateful for health. To actually be out and about, to go to my running club, to spend time with Ryder and his little friends outdoors…

I am also incredibly grateful that Jeff has reduced his work life to part time. He is now working three days a week and has Mondays and Tuesdays off. It is just a blessing. We also have been transitioning Ryder into daycare. So far he loves it. When I dropped him off today he waved good bye before I had finished putting his lunchbox in his cubby hole. Apparently he is transitioning just fine.

This feels like a bit of a rambling post, but I guess the essence of the post is to say that things are moving along and in a very positive way for our little family. We are soaking up the time we have as a family and we are all making our transitions into our new stages of life.

Have a beautiful Thursday. Be kind to each other.


One thought on “Happy Thursday!

  1. Love this! I’m enjoying the sunshine too, except I don’t have an adorable little bundle to make me smile at every turn. I hope I get to see your smiling faces again soon!


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