Sun is shining and so am I

Hi, it’s me… remember I was on a creative roll there for awhile? I posted almost everyday… yah well apparently the Universe thought I was doing a little too much.


Not only was my son sick for a few days, but I was knocked out HARD with a major flu. My bed was my sanctuary, my dining table, my reading nook, my sleeping den, and my communication hub for eight straight days. Ugh. It was not pretty friends.

Thankfully, I am OUT of that sick funk and back into the swing of things. The sun is shining and the air is warm, so I feel like my re-entrance into the world and out of hibernation came on cue.

After I’ve been sick for awhile I tend to notice the world with new gratitude. I actually remember what it feels like to be healthy and what it feels like to enjoy eating a meal. ImageSo, tonight I conclude with a few tidbits of gratitude from this first summery weekend in May:

  • Morning bike ride with Jeff and Ryder
  • Thetis Lake picnic in the sun and seeing brave souls jump into the water
  • A first trip to the petting zoo
  • Swings at Beacon Hill Park
  • The view of the mountains, and Mt. Baker
  • Surprise beers while picnicing
  • Watermelon and pineapple
  • Naps with my favorite little dude
  • Friends who accomplished their GOAL at the Vancouver Half Marathon… Rhiannon, that’s a SHOUT out to you!!

One thought on “Sun is shining and so am I

  1. THANK YOU! I can always rely on you to make me feel better about my goals than I do. Feeling very grateful to have you in my life. Welcome back Panda! xo


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