What I want to be when I grow up….

My sister is the first person to tell you that I often come up with some crazy ideas. Lately, these ideas are based on “what I want to be when I grow up”. I do have a career right now, I am an Instructional Designer and I do love the work I do. I’ve been in the field since 2001- 12 years- and I still find the work creative and fun, but I do get restless, wondering if there are other jobs I should explore.

I grew up with parents who constantly changed careers or location of careers. My Dad was in the Foreign Service, so although his career stayed the same, he did have the opportunity to move to a variety of countries and work in different environments every 3-4 years. In each country we lived in, my Mom found work. She ran a preschool, was on the School Board, was a librarian, ran a restaurant, worked in the Embassy granting Visas, and had a wallpapering business. So, in many ways the need for change and uprooting is in my blood. We are movers, do-ers, and explorers.

This brings me to some of the change-of-career ideas that I have proposed to my sister and Jeff (bear with me, some are crazy):

1. Life Coach- Rationale: I am positive, I love reading anything by Hay House Publishing, I am motivating, and I love inspiring and working with others to be their best selves.

2. Mail woman- Rationale: I love to walk- why wouldn’t I love this job.

3. Lululemon employee- Rationale: Seems like a fun environment and you get to wear comfortable clothing to work.

4. Dental Hygienist- Rationale: I LOVE cleaning grim out of gross places (e.g. sinks and tubs)- why wouldn’t I love cleaning tartar out of mouths?!

5. Personal Trainer: Rationale: Again, it’s the motivating others factor.

6. Personal Concierge Service (did this): Rationale: I love doing things for other people. As I said, I did this and let me tell you- buying cigarettes and cat food for other people isn’t as fun as it sounds.

7. Yoga Instructor- Rationale: I love yoga and again, it’s the inspiring others factor. I also love the studio I am a part of and they offer a great Teacher Training program. (This is something I do want to do in the future, btw).

I think it’s important to continue dreaming of what you want to be when you grow up and it’s important to do what you love to do. It’s also important to have confidantes in your life to rationalize some of your crazy ideas.

7 thoughts on “What I want to be when I grow up….

  1. I unequivocally agree. And I understand daydreaming about the possibility of other careers. :) From your list I see a lot of helping people, teaching people and movement – all wonderful things! Who says you can’t keep your day job and do a little work on the side? A good friend of mine has a full-time career and is a dance teacher on the side. She has blossomed since she started teaching. Keep dreaming, lady!


    1. Hey!! Great to see your comment on her Odawni. I will definitely keep the dream alive my friend. Hope you are doing well!


  2. Amanda! A few thoughts…(a) Love LOVE the new design…I could watch these floating balloons all day; (b) I feel the same way on the “what I want to be” question. I get restless thinking about all the great options out there; and (c) I feel specifically the same about Lululemon! I definitely keep that idea in my back pocket for when/if we move back to Canada. Oh, I guess I have one more: (d) I hope to meet up with you again sometime! Ryder and Teddy are so close in age — they could be playmates! Great to see your posts again!


    1. Thanks Alyson! I wanted a new design that was fun yet also had a nice easy-to-read font. Yes, it would be great to see you when you return to Canada or perhaps if we make it down to California.


  3. Still can’t quite see you as a dental hygienist, although you would likely love the ease of uniform! You have years to keep “growing up”, so why not have multiple careers? I love the yoga instructor and mail carriers ideas–both have crossed my mind as well. Dog walkers anyone?


  4. Wow Amanda! I had no idea you liked to brainstorm career ideas like this. Me too :) Your piece made me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who likes crazy ideas and who doesn’t have it all planned out :) I can see you as all of these things (except maybe the dental hygienist)…I once knew a mail carrier who ran his route and then had the afternoons off! Sounds like the perfect career to me!


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