April Fool’s 2013

It’s the morning  of April 1, 2013 and as is my morning ritual, I check Facebook. I scan my Newsfeed for the daily happenings- someone complaining about not getting enough sleep, another picture of an amazing late night meal, cute child covered in last night’s supper; all of these rather important updates I scan. And then, I come to a Facebook friend’s post that reads,

“Giving up Facebook for Lent leaves you with a lot of free time… Dissertation done and baby #4 due in November”.

I stop finger scrolling immediately. My childhood friend and now Facebook friend who’s updates I regularly read for mama wisdom, has somehow done the impossible.

1. She gave up Facebook for over one month. Amazing.

2. She managed to finish her PhD dissertation during that time. Truly amazing.

3. She PROCREATED during her time off, while juggling three children (all under the age of 6)... FREAKING amazing.

I catch myself from going into a mild depression and turn Facebook off. I don’t have the heart to scroll through anymore Facebook posts. I feel like a success if I have a shower in a day and put make up on. I haven’t written on my blog in months and yet I have a bazillion posts in my head, ready to be written. She wrote and finished a freakin’ PhD?!

As I pick up my 9 month old to feed him breakfast I can not get her status update out of my head. How the HECK did she do that? What exactly am I doing wrong? Am I doing anything wrong? Is it because she went to Princeton? I never really associated her with a Type A personality. She is miraculous. Last year, I had dinner with her sister in San Francisco and she told me what an amazing mother she was to her little ones. She is. She is the Sheryl Sandberg of my Facebook world. She can and does do it all.

I decide I have to find out what her secret is. How does she do it all? When does she make time for a PhD and whoopie with her hubby? (That’s right I wrote whoopie… my parents are my number 1 readers and for some reason the idea of write S-E-X on here makes me blush knowing they are reading).

I am going to send her a message telling her how amazing I think she is and I will ask for a point by point list of her daily routine. I want her to write out exactly what she does during her day, hour by hour and I will follow it.

I go back into Facebook and decide to read the comments before I send her the message.

And that’s when I start reading….

“Oh… you got me! April Fool’s”

“Ahhhhhhhh… April fools?! Good one”

“I was fooled”

“You’re hilarious”

OMG, thank the LORD! April Fool’s. Yes, I was duped too. And I let out a sigh of relief. Phew.


12 thoughts on “April Fool’s 2013

  1. Love this post! But you do more than you think you do. You are out running, being active, seeing friends and family, taking care of your cutie and your family at home. You are a great friend and Mom.


  2. You got me thinking of all the things I want to do / make / read. I’m disappointed that someone somewhere hasn’t figured out how to do it all.


  3. Love this. But seriously, I thought I was your Sheryl Sandberg :)

    Stop being so hard on yourself. You have a beautiful life and a beautiful healthy baby boy. You’re doing lots right :)


  4. Amanda! Glad your back (at least for now) on the blog. Did you read “Lean In”? You should because in it Sheryl Sandberg talks about the myth of having it all because NO ONE does. What we all have is a series of tradeoffs. All we can really do (and have) is our best effort and you my friend are doing that very, VERY well! Hugs, xo.


  5. Agree with the above replies, Amanda! I frequently feel like I am doing a lot, but none of it well. I think we moms are too hard on ourselves! You are awesome and Ryder is lucky to have such a great momma (nice to hear the bit about my sister too :))!


    1. Ha :) I am glad you liked the post. Really Lindsay you are a superstar! I do agree we are too hard on ourselves!


  6. You nailed this one on the head. I had the EXACT same reaction! I immediately berated myself for not being able to get my sh!t together. It was sweet relief when I read the comments! I think as moms, it’s so easy to feel like we’re not doing enough. Hell, I see all your beautiful family hiking pictures and kick myself for not doing fun family activities more frequently! So know that you are doing a GREAT job Amanda! Keep up the good work :)


    1. Sarah! Great to see your comment here. Yes, I do feel lucky that I get out and do fun family stuff. Of course, I am still on maternity leave- yah for Canada giving 1 year of maternity leave with pay! Because we live so close to the ocean I do try really hard to get out on the weekend with Ryder. Thanks for the comment!!


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