inspiration across the web waves

It amuses me that two weeks after Ryder was born I declared myself “Back in Action” on the blog.


How little did I know? It must have been a good day. A day where the little critter had a long nap, was a gem the entire day, full of cuddles, and I somehow managed to get more done than to site on the couch and watch the Today Show.  I am not going to be so cocky this time around to say I am back, but rather say that I am taking a few moments to do something for me this morning, something I miss doing – writing on the blog.

One of the activities I have been religious about is reading other blogs. I have been gathering inspiration through the writings of others and I wanted to share some of these great reads/songs/videos with you.

YUM! My sister shared this awesome site with me- The Muffin Myth- doesn’t this smoothie sound delish?

I think we ALL go through these moments/days/weeks the “NOT ENOUGH” feelings. My friend, Corinne, wrote a great post on her experience last week of “not enough”.

Kelly Rae Roberts is an artist, but lately I have been so interested in her Operation Wellness campaign for herself. She is working hard at losing the baby weight she gained after having her son, and it completely inspires me that she gets her butt out of bed at 5:10 am to go to a fitness boot camp. Amazing.

Friends and music lovers, Matt and Karalee, were on deck at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle this past weekend. I love their music finds and can’t wait to get into Itunes to buy some of the great sounds they recommend.

This cracks me up.


Just in case you haven’t seen this cute video roaming the web-waves….


2 thoughts on “inspiration across the web waves

  1. Good to have to back in the web-waves, but no pressure to try and balance blogger with full-time Super Mom! I enjoyed all of your links, especially C’s take on the sometimes-nagging “not enough” feeling. I know that one!

    I’m making myself the Muffin Myth smoothie this morning, as a matter of fact.


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