back in action!

Hi friends, I am back. I was away for a while there because, as you guessed it, I had my beautiful baby!  His name is Ryder Sydney and he is absolutely amazing. A little charmer and a great little babe.

Now that I am a mom I don’t plan on turning this blog into a mommy blog, I want to keep this as a space to continue to put down my thoughts on life, what I am up to (which will most likely include lots of mom moments), and a place to express myself in a creative way. Having said that, I do want to take a moment to just tell each and every one of you how extremely overwhelming and emotional the first couple of weeks of Ryder’s life have been, for all of us.

It amazes me how eager Jeff and I were to meet this little person and once he arrived we couldn’t wait to hold him, cuddle with him, and basically examining each part of him. With a lack of sleep, exhaustion and a surge of insane hormones things got overwhelming very quickly. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I mean, I consider myself a smart person, yet this little 7 pounder was throwing me for a loop!  Did he want to eat? What were those sounds he was making while sleeping? Is he still breathing? Why hasn’t he peed or pooped in 4 hours? All of these questions were raging through my head…and in typical Amanda fashion I wanted a quick fix.

Thankfully my parents were in town with us for 10 days and honestly without them, I think Jeff and I would have been totally lost. My mom stayed with us through the nights, barely getting sleep herself and held Ryder to let us sleep. She and my sister cooked, cleaned and helped us to organize our house into something more efficient for Ryder. Dad did little fix it jobs around the house, held Ryder, read to him, and comforted him when Jeff and I needed to retreat for naps. I am so thankful that my family was around for the first two weeks of Ryder’s life. I needed them there to help build my confidence in taking care of Ryder and to help me get back on track with some sort of sleep pattern.

What I have learned in this 2.5 weeks is that you have to take ONE day at a time. For most of my adult life I have craved living in the moment. I have tried to figure out HOW to appreciate each minute of each day and not think ahead so far into the future. I finally feel like I am there with Ryder. I really do have to appreciate each moment. When I am feeding Ryder, I need to concentrate on FEEDING him…not multi tasking. When he is awake, I take the opportunity to stop whatever I am doing to engage with him. When we go for a walk I make sure to savor the quiet time with him and to enjoy the moment of being outdoors in the sunshine.

In his short 2.5 weeks of life this little fella is already teaching me so much about life and love.

2 thoughts on “back in action!

  1. Go team Coolidge Savage! You’re a great little family already. Looking forward to play dates with our boys :) …and hey if this turns into a mommy blog I am just fine with that!


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