Jeff’s Journey

In March 2011 Jeff met with a Naturopath because he was feeling extremely fatigued. He had raced Ironman Canada in August 2010 and after that race, he just wasn’t the same. Swimming, biking, and running were all a struggle.  Last year was a tough year for Jeff. He was not only physically fatigued but he was also mentally in a rut. When sport is your life, your hobby, and basically what you do outside of work all the time… and you are told that you can no longer do it because your body is screaming for a break, it is hard and frankly life changing.

Fortunately, Jeff listened to his body. He read a ton of literature about the best ways to recover. He listened to podcasts. He printed off blog posts and medical opinions from authors and brought all of his research to his Naturopath weekly. Just as he was dedicated to his sport, he was dedicated (110%) to his recovery and well-being. It was a tough year for Jeff, but in the end I am so proud of what he has accomplished.

His first race was at the end of May at Shawnigan Lake. He wasn’t entirely pleased with the results, but this was his FIRST return to triathlon after more than a year off.  Fortunately he learned a lot from the May race and just this past weekend, he raced the Victoria Triathlon and placed third in his age group. Every time I saw him, coming out of the swim, transitioning to his bike, and on his half way point of the run he was smiling and confident. As a cheerleader, I was thrilled to see his strength and perseverance.

Coming out of the swim. Photo by Warren Beattie.


Jeff transitioning onto the bike. Photo by Warren Beattie.

The best part of that race day was seeing Jeff so happy with his final time. As an athlete, he constantly believes he can do better, so he isn’t always pleased with his results (no matter how hard the cheerleaders cheer him on). This race, he was pleased. He knew he had listened to his body and raced based on his heart rate.  Seeing his smiling face on the walk back to the car was the awesome and inspiring, a true testament to his dedication and willingness to never give up, no matter how many doctors tell you, you won’t be able to race again.

On the run, almost finished. Photo by Warren Beattie.

5 thoughts on “Jeff’s Journey

  1. So amazing. What a tale. Way to go, super-athlete AND loyal cheerleader. Y’all inspire me in many, many ways:) Congrats, Jeff, for healing yourself and for now getting yourself back in the game!! xxx


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