Love Thursday: The Waves.

Yup it’s been awhile, a week to be exact. Life is catching up and impending motherhood is hitting me like a wave. I want to dive in and welcome this new person into the world and the other part of me is completely aware of the riptide that is about to swallow me.

…and I have been swallowed up by “50 Shades of Grey”, a truly awfully written book- how the heck did she get published??… but of course, at the end it leaves you hanging wondering what the next book is going to reveal. I also found out that my Dad has been reading the book at the cottage, let’s just say this is not a book that is going to make it a “family book club”, no discussion topics on this one please.

I have also been care-taking, some friends and family and are going through a tough time right now, the ebb and flows of life really, but it hurts to see them hurting in their own way. I want to reach out to each of them to give them hugs, let them know that yes this too shall pass- it always does even when you think it just can’t or won’t.


Thinking of everyone out in the world today on this rainy, yet refreshing June day in Victoria. Enjoy your LOVE THURSDAY!


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