Lifting the weight and a collage project

Last week felt tough. I was mentally in a different space, worried, anxious and on edge because we were asked to go to the hospital for an unexpected ultrasound… I was measuring small. I worried a lot. I slept poorly. I napped when I got home from work and then couldn’t fall asleep. All of those awesome things that happen when you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Thankfully, on Thursday when we went for the ultrasound everything was A-OKAY. Peanut is doing well and so am I. Immediately after the appointment I said to Jeff “I am so grateful… and now I am ready to sleep”. I realized that I had put so much energy into worrying about the worst case scenario that I was exhausted, mentally and physically. My body and mind wanted rehab. It’s been awhile since I have had that feeling of a weight being lifted off my shoulders, and on Thursday it was like I could physically feel the transformation. The air of relief and the ability to think of something OTHER than myself… it felt great.

Anyways, that is why last week I was MIA on the blog.

On a happier note :)… I thought I would share our baby room project. Jeff and I love quotes, specifically empowering and inspirational ones. For Peanut’s room we decided we would ask some friends and family to send us a quote that they hoped to instill in Peanut’s brain. Something that would be uplifting and perhaps guide the little one through their early years. We then took the quotes and Jeff created beautiful pieces of art with them. We got them printed at Staples and I bought frames at the Dollar Store… and voila, the collage was born!


2 thoughts on “Lifting the weight and a collage project

  1. The quotes looks amazing! Peanut is going to be surrounded with such inspiring energy! And of course, so happy to hear he/she back flipped :)


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