Common knowledge

So I mentioned to Emily that I was planning on reading “50 Shades of Grey”.

I received the following call from her at the airport bookstore (she is on her way to Calgary for the weekend):

Emily: Hey, they have “50 Shades of Grey” here at the Airport bookstore. Want me to buy it so I can read it and pass it on to you?

Me: How much?

Emily: $17.

Me: I can get it on Amazon for $9.

Emily: Okay, do that. Amanda… you do know this is called EROTIC literature.

Me: Yah that is what I told you.

Emily: No, you said it was “racey”.

Me: Erotic, racey… same difference. If you buy it and read it on the airplane, take note that people will know about that book.

Emily: Really? That many people know about “50 Shades of Grey”?

Me: Yes. Common knowledge.

To tell Emily that this is common knowledge gives me the utmost satisfaction. She loves to let me know when she believes that what I don’t know, is in fact “common knowledge”.

Although this is typically the way the phrase common knowledge comes into play with her:

Me: What is a Ticonderoga pencil?

Emily: Amanda… common knowledge.


Me: How did you know that the name of that fish? (at the San Fran Academy of Sciences)

Emily: Common knowledge.


Me: I need to add another ball of yarn to my project, I’m going to YouTube it.

Emily: YouTube? It’s common knowledge.


Emily: I saw the cutest Catalburun today on my run.

Me: A what? Catalll…?

Emily: It’s a rare dog breed. Common knowledge, Amanda.


5 thoughts on “Common knowledge

  1. 50 Shades of Grey is racy???? I didn’t think it was that racy when I read it. Of course, one’s definition of “racy” isn’t exactly Common Knowledge. Loved your post Amanda.


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