Got Milk? Will Travel.

Our kid hasn’t even been born yet and we already have him/her booked on a trip to Australia at 4-5 months old. I also have a vision, hope, MUST DO of getting a 7 week old on a plane to fly from Victoria, BC to Prince Edward Island at the end of August, early September. Because, if you don’t know this about me, you need to know this. I have never, ever, in my entire life missed one summer on Prince Edward Island. Sure I might not be there for great lengths, the shortest being 5 days, but I always insist on getting back to see family, friends, and veg out at the cottage. It’s a tradition and one I want to make sure our little Peanut gets to experience as well.

So, as I mentioned we have the 7 week old trip, the 4-5 month old trip, and then a potential spring trip to Florida planned all before the kid is 1 year old. As I said to Emily “Got Milk? Will travel”.

When I started to tell people that I was taking a wee one on the plane and not just within a country, but around the world, I got some looks of horror and some exhaled laughs. A lot of comments have also been positive, politely reassuring Jeff and I that the pre-walking stage is the best time to travel with a young one and that sure a 15 hour flight journey from Vancouver to Sydney is completely do-able with a 4-5 month old… oh, and a guy who will have just come off an Ironman course.

So naturally I got to searching the internet. I mean I can’t be the only person out there thinking of doing some insane yet exhilarating activities with my little one? And I am not.

I came across an amazing woman and her family. She writes for Outside Magazine and she has done some amazing stuff with her young ones, from white water rafting at 10 months to multi day camping trips. I am completely in awe of this woman, Katie Arnold. What I love about her articles is that she writes about other Moms and Dads who have done exactly the same. Taken their children out into the wild yonder to start the sense of adventure at a young age.

From here I also came across the awesome women of the book “Run Like a Mother”.  Dimity and Shea write about how to make the time for running in their hectic lives, where they try to balance work-life-coffee dates-friend time-family time- husband time- running etc. What I love about them is that they freely admit, it ain’t easy sweetie, but sometimes you have to do what you need to do that is RIGHT for you.

I know I should probably be reading about how to breast feed, sleeping patterns, how to actually get this kid out of my tummy and into my arms; but right now I am loving the article reads about inspiring moms and dads who get out into the world with their kids.


3 thoughts on “Got Milk? Will Travel.

  1. When Dana and I were backpacking through Turkey in 200, we got on an overnight bus in Istanbul and there was an Australian family getting on heading to the same destination. Mom, Dad and 2 kids – 5 and 3. When I spoke to them I found out they were halfway through a 6 month tour of Europe, living out of their backpacks and hostels, kids in tow, having a blast and making memories.


  2. Way to go, Amanda! Selena went to the mountains for her first short hike and picnic before she was a full day old. Within a month she’d been overnight backpacking and at six weeks she was touring Mexico by public transportation. Jo just sort of had to run behind everybody but at age six on a trek in Nepal, she did ten days in the monsoon – barefoot!

    Got Milk? Will Travel. Good title for a book about parents’ and kid’s first year of life. Answer back to all those completely silly mommy blogs. BTW do you know Free Range Kids? Lenore’s the best!


  3. Amanda, this is AWESOME!

    (By the way, Larry & I took an RV trip across the Western U.S. with Sarah & Sean when their daughter was 7 months old. Four adults and an infant sleeping/traveling in an RV – I thought it was awesome…though I think Sarah was glad when we got home!)


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