happy love thursday

Happy Love Thursday! Today is actually my “Friday”- yah! I have tomorrow off to welcome my friend Corinne in from Seattle. This weekend Emily is hosting a baby shower for Jeff and I, and we are so lucky to have MORE friends from Seattle ( Matt and KL) visiting us as well (they arrive on Saturday).

I am blanking on what to write about tonight so when in doubt, why not go with a gratitude list right? It’s LOVE Thursday for goodness sakes.

Grateful for:

  • Fabulous friends, both near and far, who have commented and emailed support from my last post about my coping mechanism. Who knew that so many women think of themselves as Indian or Vietnamese field workers when pregnant!
  • Working with Jeff. When people find out that Jeff and I work at the same University, no wait, on the SAME floor, no wait… in the SAME department, and yes across the hall from each other- they often ask “whoah, how do you deal with that?” Honestly, I love it. I love that we drive into work each morning, we sit in the same meetings, and we know each other’s work. We understand what the other person is going through if he/she has had a difficult work day, and we celebrate each other’s accomplishments. I guess I am realizing more and more how much I value having him in my day (24 x 7) as I soon head off on maternity leave.
  • Support systems. I love being a support system for others and having the same support system in place for me.
  • Forest walks. I never tire of working on a campus that is surrounded by the ocean and the woods. Getting out at lunch for a walk just reminds me how much fresh air makes an afternoon at a desk seem a bit easier.
  • Chicken Pot Pie from Costco. Love.




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