This past weekend was Emily’s Master’s Provincials Swim Meet. The ages of the participants ranged from 20-93. Yes, 93. I was completely enthralled with the 93 year old participant, Fred. I saw Fred swim 3 of his races. He might have been slow, but if I get to be 93 and can dive off the starting block and swim in a race… I won’t give a crap how slow I am. In fact, he always completed his heats and he was only ever beaten by a woman who is 84 years old. Seriously, it was inspiring.

What was also incredibly inspiring was watching Emily swim in her races. She was beaming the entire weekend and continued to say how much she loved being a part of a team. She placed 1st and 2nd in most of her heats and she was amazing. She hasn’t been in a meet since 1995, but you would have thought (based on her performance) that she swims in meets every weekend.

Jeff, Jordan and I were her cheerleaders throughout the weekend. Jeff and I kept saying how the weekend felt like a trial run for kids- jumping in the car, driving to the pool, running into see the swim meet, cheering on Emily, and then heading out to grab lunch. Repeat.

What it made me realize is that… wait for it, yes I am going to brag….we are going to be good parents. We love being cheerleaders for others and for each other. We love seeing the smile from the participant when they recognize you from the stands or the side of the road. I think being a cheerleader for others is important, similar to the feeling of giving a gift than receiving a gift. I have always been a proud supporter of friends, loved ones, partners, and family… thankfully I have met someone and have someone in my life who feels exactly the same about being a cheerleader.


4 thoughts on “cheerleaders

  1. Ohh, I adore this post:) And I’ve always called you (and your sis AND your mom actually!) my personal cheerleaders. You are a great one, and Jeff is too. You’re right; you guys WILL be great parents:) xx


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