the start of project life.

Remember I told you about Project Life? Yah, well I am addicted. I love this form of scrapbooking, it is not time-consuming and is a fun way to create collage, showcase pictures, and tell stories. I have been inspired by one woman, in particular, Miss Elisa from She is a bit ahead of me in the creativity and artistic side to Project Life, but her spreads are totally inspirational and what I aspire to.

Now, the deal with Project Life is that you are supposed to use one spread for one week of your life. But, I kind of wanted to create some sort of a timeline to start. So I began with the Summer of 2012 and then scrapbooked momentus months from there, ending with the San Fran trip. This week I will start printing pictures off of the actual week, tell stories of the happenings, and include concert tix (yah Bahamas!) and other fun finds from the week.

One of the main reasons I decided to embark on this project is because I know that with Peanut’s arrival there will be tons of photographs taken and memories in the making. I don’t want it to slip away. I want to record most everything. Even the bad, sleepless nights… just as a reminder of the amazing year we are having.

So with that, here are some of the page spreads I have completed. I haven’t figured out how to take the best photos of the spreads, but bear with me. It’s a WIP (Work in Progress).


4 thoughts on “the start of project life.

  1. I don’t know what’s more wrong, the fact that I looked for pictures of myself, or the fact that I didn’t find them… :)

    Love this! Sounds like you’re having so much fun!!!


  2. Rhiannon! I have an entire page dedicated to you and Isaac for your Thanksgiving trip.. sorry I didn’t take a snapspot!


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