SAY YES, San Fran March 2012

This is the final posting on the week in San Francisco, I can’t believe I have done 5 already. Honestly, I think I could have stretched this out for another week.

My mom has decided that each year she is going to learn something new. Last year it was knitting and this year it is to learn to play the ukulele (hence the ukulele lessons in San Fran). I like to think of her yearly theme as the “SAY YES” theme. I think we could all do with a little more open-mindedness and the chance to shout out “YES”.

With that, here is a video montage I have put together. Thanks to Corinne for putting me on to Langhorne Slim- they offer this video’s soundtrack.


2 thoughts on “SAY YES, San Fran March 2012

  1. I initially thought this post would be about my obsession with, “say yes to the dress”, but I am thrilled to see it is not! Great soundtrack to our memories :)


  2. Well, I would say I have 2 Daughters who are definitely “Say Yes!” women.
    We did have a good time, as we always do when we are together. I am grateful.


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