Love Thursday: My travel companions

A few years ago my Mom made the suggestion that Emily and I join her on a trip for her 60th birthday. She would decide the place and we would follow. Emily and I love saying YES to pretty much anything and everything so naturally we were up for any plan. The adventures started coming in, from Prague to India to San Fran. In the end Mom opted for San Fran and I think it was by far the best choice for these three amigos.  It seemed like yesterday we were in the early planning stages trying to figure out what fun things to do, where to go, how to get there, what dates worked best, and who was scheduling vacation time off at work.

This Love Thursday is dedicated to my very BEST traveling companions, Mom and Emily. We honestly had the best time together. From the start we laughed and enjoyed each others company. We were considerate of where each of us wanted to go, we jumped at any chance to walk somewhere, we ate amazing food, we took a ukulele lesson, met some pretty spectacular people on our journey, and all in all just had a blast. There is a level of comfort that can occur when traveling with family and like all family vacations that level of comfort can turn into a hit or a miss. Our level of comfort with each other was a sure hit. No fights, no annoyances, no negatives; it was all a fun giggle fest.We would stop in mid sentence, every so often, and wonder aloud “why haven’t we done this more often?”



So to Mom and Emily, I hope that we take a journey together again sooner than later.

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