the umbrella story

So for those who don’t know, it is pretty typical that whenever the Coolidge’s go on vacation together, there is some freak weather pattern that slides on through town. Here are some of the examples:

1. Lahore, Pakistan 1992- INSANELY COLD winter. We all had to sleep in one bed (4 of us) and resorted to wearing tea cozies on our heads. Truth.

2. Grand Canyon 2009- Blizzard. Yes, that is right a blizzard swept through the Grand Canyon, couldn’t see past our hands.

3. Vancouver, BC 2008- Snowstorm. Shut the entire city down.

4. Tampa, Fl 2010- Coldest December in Florida. It was warmer in Victoria, BC than it was in Florida.


5. San Francisco, CA- March, 2012- Rain. Rain. Rain. Honestly nothing I have ever seen. Tons of rain and windy… hence, the umbrella story.

Chinatown special, not so special
Happy camper with new and improved umbrella. I honestly thought I had this one beat.
But no. It wasn't meant to be. Notice I'm still laughing. Although secretly I was crying inside.


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