Cross Your Eyes

One of the many things I love about San Fran is that you can find art pretty much everywhere you go. Down alleys, on sidewalks, in boutique stores, on tshirts, and in galleries. We had such a great time exploring neighborhoods and seeing how each neighborhood decorated itself; Hayes and Haight, Mission, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Castro.






One of the my favorite spots.. honestly in my top 3 of San Fran, was a gallery we literally ran into. As we were walking Emily saw a sign for a gallery called “Creativity Explored“. She mentioned that she had read about it in the Lonely Planet so we went in. From the foyer it looks like a typical art gallery. Art hanging on the walls, greeting cards for sale, a friendly receptionist.

Creativity Explored

But what is atypical is who produces the art, the artists. Creativity Explored provides artists with developmental disabilities the opportunity to create and sell their artwork. And not just sell their artwork in the small art gallery, but some the artists have world wide tours, and featured in Crate & Barrel’s latest decor line.

As we slowly made our way into the art studio, I was in awe. There were so many artists working away in different mediums- oil pastels, watercolors, pen and ink, and with clay. Mom, Emily, and I walked around to the tables where the artists were working. Some artists were incredibly chatty, wondering who we were, selling us their art, pointing out where their art hung in the gallery. While others were quiet and reserved, working diligently on their latest masterpiece. It was such an incredible experience to be in the presence of these artists and to visit their studio.

One woman, Camille, came up to me and said “Cross your eyes”.

Camille Holvoet, photograph by Creativity Explored

I misunderstood her and closed my eyes.

Camille said “NO, CROSS your eyes”.

So I stood there, and “crossed” my eyes.

She said “Nah, you can’t do it.” And she walked away.

As she was walking away I said “Camille, it’s because I have small eyes!”

Turns out that under Camille’s artist bio states that she loves to draw the following: dessert, Ferris Wheels, and crossed eyes. Guess I didn’t make the cut.


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