Napa, CA

I am back from San Francisco and I feel the need to remind myself that I was actually there. It already feels like a lifetime ago as I re-integrate myself back into the working world, a place that currently feels like a third world country, so different from the routine I experienced last week and full of culture shock moments… hello and goodbye email.

Each day this week I will post a brief re-cap, most likely not in chronological order, of something we did in the week. I should preface this entire re-cap by letting you know that my sister (Emily), my Mom (Cindy) and I all went down to San Fran to celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday and my sister’s 30th birthday.

So here we go.

Napa, California

We rented a car and headed north to Napa Valley, California- home to wine and home to our cousin Ted and his wife Lisa. Napa is such a cute little town, almost feels like you are transported back to the 1950s, with its wide sidewalks, friendly faces, beautiful boutiques, and manicured lawns. We stayed with Ted and Lisa who are currently renovating a 100 year old home, literally gutting it from the inside out. The home was originally owned by hoarders and in less than one year, Ted and Lisa have had 7 tons of garbage removed from their home and surrounding property. I felt completely ignorant of home restoration while visiting them and was in awe of the progress they have made. Their home is warm, cozy, and stunning – a true representation of their style.

Emily in front of Ted and Lisa's home


The backyard, complete with chicken coop, vegetable garden and beautiful flowers.

After a fabulous evening and morning with Ted and Lisa, Mom, Emily and I made our way to the wineries. We only stopped at 3 or 4 wineries, probably because my travel partners were getting the sense that the prego passenger was getting slightly jealous with the wine tastings (ha). It was one of our sunny days (more on that later this week) and it was wonderful to get to tour the wineries and be out in the sunshine. Apparently of the 200 + wineries in Napa Valley, only 60 or so wineries actually sell their wine commercially in stores. Who knew?!




Touring Napa and seeing Ted and Lisa was a fabulous way to start our San Fran trip. Reconnecting with family tends to warm my heart and feed my soul, a feeling that continued throughout our entire trip.


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