Snap, snap, snapping away

Okay so remember how I said that this March two of my three goals were to focus on taking more photos with my dSLR- that is, taking the photos and actually printing them? Well, I was a snapping foo’ while in Seattle and when I got home from that trip I quickly went on to Costco’s website, ordered some prints, and discovered that I was eligible for 60 free prints. YAH! So I am planning on picking them up today.

One of the things I want to do with the photos is to put them into some sort of scrapbook. I want something easy to make, nothing too costly, and something that doesn’t involve me buying more and more crafts to make each page look pretty. Enter, Project Life (which I have mentioned before). I am totally psyched about this.

I went ahead and ordered the kits to get started with Project Life and the bonus is that I am able to buy everything through and have it shipped to our hotel in San Francisco next week. (Right, about SF- my mom, sister and I are going there to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday!)

Here are the products I bought to get started on my own Project Life.

Black Signature Binder
Clementine Photo Cards
Clementine Journal Cards
Clementine Quote/Art Cards

Also purchased were:

I am slightly obsessed with this project idea and can’t wait to get started. Hopefully I can keep up the excited momentum!


2 thoughts on “Snap, snap, snapping away

  1. I love how you commit to something and always dive in head first! Can’t wait to see the materials and the finished product!


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