Seattle day 2: a celebration!

Day 2 in Seattle was focused around my friend Corinne’s birthday. It was so fun celebrating her 33rd year together, doing the things she loves to do in her new city, and meeting lots of her new found friends. I was saying to C that when I was younger I never understood the concept of “it is better to give then to receive”, but as I get older I just love giving gifts to friends. I love watching people open their gifts and hopefully (if I got the gift right) be thrilled with what they received.

Here is a little secret about Corinne. She is loved. Not just by her family and a few close friends, but this girl is LOVED by everyone. Her entire birthday was full of cross country phone calls, text messages, flowers at her doorstep, friends visiting, and beautiful gifts. I have always known that she has a unique gift of maintaining contact with friends she meets along her travels- her emails are always frequent, she is incredibly thoughtful, and absolutely authentic in her friendships. It was fabulous to see the love received on her special day.

Here are some highlights from the big birthday-Seattle visit!

We started the morning off with a tasty breakfast made by her roommates (Karalee and C’s brother Matt). They made blueberry pancakes- so delish.


Followed by a fabulous gift giving circle that had us all watching in awe of the “just RIGHT” gifts she received from friends and family.

We then geared up for a walk along the beach, a place neither Jeff or I had been to in our many travels down to Seattle. It was a bit windy, but we loved soaking in the sunshine and watching families play with kites along the beach.

..along our way we spotted these fabulous sayings along the boardwalk. Ya’ll know how much I love inspirational quotes!

After lunch at a cute seaside restaurant we then headed home to rest up for the big birthday night ahead. Dinner at a Puerto Rican restaurant followed by a pub night at MacLeod’s a true Scottish pub in a great neighborhood (Ballard). I didn’t capture any photos from the pub, as it was it was a bit awkward being preggers at a pub on a Saturday night :) Trust me. No drinks (aside from hard core H-2-O were consumed).

A highlight for me was arriving home at 12:30 am realizing that we still had a box full of cupcakes to eat before bed. Love it when birthdays just keep on giving!

To my dear friend Corinne… I am just so thrilled that we spent your special day with you. I love knowing that you are never far… either by email, phone, or the ferry ride. I think this 33rd year is going to be just marvelous for you- keep on trusting!

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