Love Thursday: March Goals

I have been reading tons of blogs lately, keeping up with everyone else’s goals, life lists, to- do’s, incredible levels of organization and yet I haven’t really spent time focusing on what it is I want to accomplish in 2012. I was incredibly clear in 2011 when I made my vision board, so clear that many of my hopes and desires and goals came to fruition! But this year, I have been slack. I have been planning and planning for the next phase in our life, but I am realizing that I am putting many of my personal goals to the side… which I hear is what happens when you have a child, your life can easily get put on hold and you might not take the opportunity for self-care.

So here are some goals of mine for March 2012 (I am taking it one month at a time, baby steps so to speak):

1. Take more pictures. When I read blogs I am constantly in awe of the photographs and I realize how much I have diverted to using my iPhone as my main source of picture taking. Nothing wrong with that, but I have an awesome SLR that I love to use, and yet it sits in my art room gathering dust.

My Nikon, ironically sitting on the desk- photo taken by my iPhone


2. Following the theme of taking photographs, I want to PRINT more photographs. I have so many photos just sitting on my computer and I want to print them out. Maybe not display all of them, but perhaps do creative/crafty projects such as:

3. Do ONE thing at a time and do it WELL. I am a multitasker, which means that I can do everything, but I do it all on the surface and as a result this makes me anxious versus productive. I casually sweep over things, getting items crossed off my to-do list, but I don’t really READ the FINE PRINT, nor do I mindfully think about what it is I am doing at the time. I have slowly started doing this (productively) in my work, delving deeper into projects and I feel refreshed and engaged as a result. (M.-my boss is probably reading this thinking “THANK the LORD”) But, I want to translate this to my home and to my personal life. To be mindful when booking appointments or even doing the day-to-day tasks of grocery shopping and cooking.

So I know those are only three things to tackle for March, but I think that is just enough to get me started. Small steps.


3 thoughts on “Love Thursday: March Goals

  1. Ahh I love it! I started a list of 101 things to press toward in 1001 days. I don’t force myself to finish them all but it sure helps on rainy days and it’s nice to look at all the things I’ve been able to check off. Two weeks ago I started doing a photo a day, something that had been on my list for a couple years I’m pretty sure and sometimes it’s a bit of a trudge to push through but all the same… I’m glad I’m doing it! You’re always welcome to join my flickr group if you need motivation!

    PS – congrats on the big news! YAY!!!!


    1. Yes, I would LOVE to join your Flickr group- why don’t I know about this? I must have missed in one of your blog posts…?


  2. Great, attainable goals! I would like to set some intentions for myself for this month. What a great idea….a month at a time, rather than the daunting “yearly resolutions”. I’ll get back to you on some intentions. (Maybe one should be make a decisions and STICK to it!!)


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