Make new friends, but keep the old…

First off I want to say thanks everyone for your kind words after the big “reveal” in the post Valentine’s Note to Peanut. It was so heart warming and wonderful to receive so many comments, emails, and Facebook notes from each of you…. so thank you so much for filling our hearts and our new little heart with so much love.

Yesterday (Thursday) I took the day off. I had some overtime hours and I decided to put them to use by hanging out with my friend Tia. Tia is a lifelong friend. We met in Kenya in 2006 and have remained close friends. Together we have traveled throughout Sub Saharan Africa, had hilarious episodes of “white girl” moments in Kenya, and learned to scuba dive in the Indian Ocean, despite having failed our final written exams… ooopsies. I visited Tia in 2009 in Israel and it was one of the most memorable trips of my life. You can read more about that here.

Despite miles apart we manage to see each other somewhere in Canada each year and fortunately, for me, this year she decided to extend her Canadian tour to Vancouver and Victoria- yah!  We only had one day together but even one day feels like a soul’s worth of conversation. As many of you probably do, you have friends where you can pick up with immediately, where time has literally stood still and somehow you come back to the same conversations or different conversations with complete ease. These are lifelong, bosom buddy friends people- do NOT let them leave your life. Hold them close to you and even if you don’t email or call every week, know that when you see each other again you will feel immediately at “home”.


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