A valentine note to Peanut

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately,
Will you have your Dad’s calmness? His ability to take life in stride?
Will you have my enthusiasm? My positivity?

Or maybe you will be your own little person,
A person who is generous, kind, forgiving, willful, confident, appreciative…

I wonder how you will smell, how you will smile, blink, wave, laugh?
We talk at home about what kind of laugh you will have…
Perhaps a giggle? Or a full belly laugh?

We haven’t come to a consensus on what to name you,
So we call you Peanut, our little Peanut.
But, I think you will be more than a small being,
I think you will be larger than life, boisterous, exuberant, and perhaps a handful,
A beautiful edition to this wonderous world.

Will you have your Dad’s soft voice? His bright blue eyes? Or as he will tell you…
They are grey, not blue.
Will you have my frantic curls? And perhaps, like me, you will wish them away when you are a teenager,
Wondering why you were given this rat’s nest,
But realize, as an adult, like so many attributes bestowed on you, this too is a gift?

Will you have your Dad’s belief that opportunity comes once in a lifetime?
Like him, will you seize the moment when the moment arises?
Will you be a daredevil? A snowboarder with a triathlon problem?

Will you have the same naiviety that I hold, that everyone is good until proven bad?
Will you take the benefit of doubt?
Be positive when the world is negatively holding you back?
Will you be a dreamer? An artist? A writer? An athlete?

We talk about this at home, will you like music?
Like how your Dad loves playing music or
How I pretend to sing at the top of my lungs?

Whatever you are, or whoever you will be, know this…
We can’t wait to meet you,
To hold you,
And watch you become the person,
You want to be.


18 thoughts on “A valentine note to Peanut

  1. This made me smile in a few places. So many questions and even once he or she arrives you will have even more…and one that she or he will ask is…get ready for it…WHY? Why to everything ;) I can’t wait to meet your peanut.


  2. To my little peanut whether you are a girl or boy we also can’t wait to see you with your mum & dad. We know that you will be loved and enjoy life to the max as mum & dad do.


  3. This is so sweet and beautifully written,Amanda. Your little peanut is so lucky to have you and Jeff for parents, and your lives will be so much richer soon. We’re thrilled for you. xo


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